Treatment Description Price
Express ½ hour focus placed on specific area of need. $45.00
Deep Tissue/Sports Focus is on release of deeper muscles through pressure, range of motion, and PNF stretching. $90.00
Lymphatic Rhythmic gentle treatment to encourage drainage of the lymph nodes, and removal of waste products. $90.00
Pregnancy Focus on areas which have become painful due shift of balance in the body. Support cushions are available. $90.00
Shiatsu/Tuina Shiatsu is an offspring of Tuina, means to push, lift and grasp around joints, freeing the 8 meridians. $90.00
Swedish A gentle to firm session, encompassing long smooth effleurage strokes. $90.00
Chakra Balancer The use of essential oils whose vibrational properties are attuned to each of the chakra centers. Deeply relaxing and balancing of energy flow. $90.00
Hot Stone Therapy Heated basalt stones that penetrate muscle tension with warmth and pressure. $100.00
Reflexology Foot Treatment Salt scrub, paraffin wrap followed by 40 minutes foot and hand reflex points. $90.00
Salt/Sugar Scrub A full body scrub, hot towel wash, followed by skin refreshing astringent and moisturizing Crème. $90.00
Kinesiology taping: Treating pain and disability from athletic injuries and a variety of other physical disorders. $15.00
Lymph Dry Brush Used to stimulate the lymphatic system and to exfoliate dead skin cells. $15.00
Back Facial Sugar/salt scrub to exfoliate, a cleansing mask, followed by moisturizing crème. $25.00
Aromatherapy Choice of essential oils for muscle pain, stress, relaxation, or detoxification. $5.00